About Reddi Services Industries

Our Values here at Reddi Services

“To be an industry leader in the mechanical service, repair and replacement business through technical expertise, good business practices and superior customer services.”

Reddi Services has been in business since 1957 providing quality services including liquid, powder, and slurry waste removal, tank cleaning, pipe cleaning, video inspection (CCTV), hydro excavating and vactor services.

Our skilled professionals bring valuable technical knowledge, resources and state-of-the-art equipment to every project.  Reddi Services’ goal is to respond with the best service possible with honesty and integrity, on time and on budget.  No project is too big or too small; Reddi Services professionals are available around the clock to municipal, industrial, and commercial customers.

At Reddi, reliable service, competitive rates and innovative solutions are key.  To that end, Reddi Services can be depended on for fast, 24-hour service.  Reddi Services is fully licensed and bonded and certificates of insurance are available upon request.

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We recognize that the degree of our success is in direct proportion to the quality and dedication of our employees.

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success of the company are these basic values:

Quality Workmanship

We will strive for continuous improvement in the quality of everything we do, and will never be satisfied with the status quo.

Customer Focus

We will base recognition, rewards and advancement on the contributions we make to our customers’ success.

Commitment to Our Own

We will provide training, fair compensation, and a safe working environment for all employees.


We will treat each other fairly and with individual respect while helping each other develop our talents and skills to their fullest potential.

Personal Responsibility

We accept personal responsibility for our actions and take ownership of results, not blaming others or seeking excuses.


We are committed to problem-solving at every level and have a bias for action. We delegate authority to match responsibility, expecting decision-making to occur as close to the customer as possible.

Fair Pricing

We will price our services fairly and competitively, itemizing each service so our customers understand the work to be done and the charges associated with it.


We adhere to our values and contribute to the welfare of our community. We express ourselves consistently and completely, and live up to our word.