Clean Up Service

Reddi Services Industries specializes in Industrial, Commercial & Municipal Clean Up


Tank Cleaning

Reddi Services provides cost effective, safe, and environmentally responsible solutions for all types of tank cleaning challenges. We will help you minimize waste volumes, maintain and restore efficient operations of your plant, and comply with all national and local regulations. Our tank management services include repair, cleaning, inspection, and contingency plans.

Power Plant Services

Health and Safety are our priority. All of our services are done according to state and national  regulations. We meet all compliance measures to ensure the job is done properly.


Hydro-blast cleaning is an ideal method for cleaning places that are almost impossible to reach. In addition, hydro-blasting can remove almost any varying degree of build-up and debris.


Also called, Hydro-digging and potholing, Hydro-excavating is the process of highly pressurized air and water combined together to dig up and remove soils at a manageable rate. While our hydro- excavation equipment is hard at work removing debris, our vacuum truck removes the material to a transport, if required.