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Reddi Services Industries has been in business for over 65 years and offer service to customers in Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri!

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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse solutions we provide, addressing the unique needs of various industries.


Our range of services includes sewer and stormwater system maintenance, waste management solutions, street sweeping, and public space upkeep.


Looking for a reliable and professional team for Commercial Services? Reddi Services Industries is here to help and with over 65 years in the business you can trust that you hire the right company!

Reddi Services Industries has been in business for over 65 years.

We specialize in working with Industrial, Municipal and Commercial clients offering Tank Cleaning, Vactor Services, Pipe Cleaning and CCTV.


Tank Cleaning

Reddi Services provides cost effective, safe, and environmentally responsible solutions for all types of Tank Cleaning challenges. We will help you minimize waste volumes, maintain and restore efficient operations of your plant, and comply with all national and local regulations. Our tank management services include repair, cleaning, inspection, and contingency plans.


Also called Hydro-digging and potholing, is the process of using highly pressurized air and water combined together to dig up and remove soils at a manageable rate. While our hydro- excavation equipment is hard at work removing debris, our vacuum truck removes the material to a transport, if required.

Pipe Cleaning

Reddi Services offers comprehensive industrial pipe cleaning services to remove build-up and debris and restore pipe flow efficiency.

Video Inspection

Reddi Services uses video inspections via CCTV (Close Circuit Television) to inspect thousands of feet of pipes, sewer lines, and drains, eliminating guesswork.

Vactor Services

We are able to vacuum any type of material from solids like sand, rocks, grease, roots, and other large objects to heavy sludge. Our vacuum truck is fully capable to help you with any vacuum service you may need.

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