Municipal Services

Municipal Services we offer our clients!

At Reddi Services, we take pride in our comprehensive municipal services aimed at enhancing the efficiency and functionality of local government infrastructure. Our range of services includes sewer and stormwater system maintenance and waste management solutions. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, we employ advanced technologies and eco-friendly practices in our municipal services. We help implement effective waste disposal strategies and collaborate closely with municipal authorities to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of each community. At Reddi Services, we are dedicated to contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life within municipalities.

Municipal Tank Cleaning:

Our Municipal Tank Cleaning services are tailored to ensure the optimal performance of storage tanks within municipal facilities. We employ advanced techniques and equipment to thoroughly remove sediment, sludge, and contaminants, maintaining the integrity and longevity of these vital structures.

Municipal Hydro-Blasting:

Our Municipal Hydro-Blasting services leverage high-pressure water jets to effectively clean and maintain various municipal surfaces, including sewer lines, storm drains, and industrial infrastructure. This environmentally friendly method removes debris and blockages, promoting the efficient flow of water and reducing the risk of system failures.

Municipal CCTV Service:

Our Municipal CCTV Service employs state-of-the-art camera technology to inspect and assess the condition of underground infrastructure, such as sewer lines and stormwater drains. This non-intrusive approach allows for accurate diagnostics, enabling municipalities to proactively address potential issues and minimize disruptions.

Municipal Waste Hauling:

In our Municipal Waste Hauling services, we provide efficient and environmentally responsible waste removal solutions for municipalities. From curbside collection to large-scale waste management, our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each community, ensuring a clean and sustainable environment.

Liquid, Powder & Slurry:

Our expertise in handling Liquid, Powder & Slurry materials ensures safe and efficient transport, disposal, or treatment of various substances. We offer specialized solutions for municipal applications, addressing the unique challenges associated with diverse materials encountered in wastewater treatment and other processes.

Power Plant Services:

Our Power Plant Services cater to the maintenance and cleaning needs of municipal power generation facilities. From debris removal to precision cleaning, our services contribute to the reliability and efficiency of power plant operations, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply to the community.


Municipal Hydro-Excavation combines precision digging with non-destructive methods, making it an ideal solution for excavation projects in urban environments. We offer this service to municipalities for tasks such as utility line exposure, trenching, and potholing, ensuring minimal disruption and enhanced safety.

Pit, Pond & Lagoon:

Our Pit, Pond & Lagoon services focus on the cleaning and maintenance of municipal water storage and treatment facilities. We employ specialized equipment to remove sediment, sludge, and contaminants, promoting water quality and the overall functionality of these critical components.

Municipal Emergency Services:

Our Municipal Emergency Services provide rapid response and effective solutions during unforeseen events, such as spills, blockages, or other emergencies. We understand the importance of swift action in these situations and work closely with municipalities to mitigate risks and minimize the impact on the community.